• To use a simple language, the Clown Mime is both a pierrot and a clown. With its technique and ability to make strong impressions, the clown mime is different from a circus. The clowns are not only clowns but also performers. They smile and cry together in communication with the audience.
    The Clown Mime didn't exist before. The clown mime which Choi, Kyou-ho, the representative of the Theatre Dolce, created is also a kind of mime just as the pantomime is a kind of mime. Theatre Dolce was founded in 1984, and this unpopular mime play finally started in Korea. The first(1984) the sixth(1994) Korea Mime Festival were held in Incheon, and the comments on Korea Mime Festival from the audience were favorable.
    Choi, Kyou-ho and Park, Sang-sook, the representatives of Theatre Dolce, Participated in Asia Mime Creation Festival in Nagano, Japan in 1994 and their participation brought international recognition of Korean mime theater.
    The strong bond of friendship among many mime artists in other countries made possible the first Inchoen International Clown Mime Festival. More than 40 mime artists from many different countries such as Japan, U.S.A, and Korea as well gathered in Wolmido and played through the whole festival. The Clown mime was loved by the audience, because the audience could take part in during the plays whereas the audience at other plays couldn't.
    6year old-Korea Mime Festival changed its name into Incheon International Clown Mime Festival in 1995. This festival is planned and held under the sponsorship of the Theatre Dolce, not the government. And this annual festival offers great opportunities for seekers of cultural events in Incheon city.